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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince July 24, 2009

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So, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a total Harry Potter fan.  I’ve been to see every movie on the first day it has come out and I was totally there for the midnight releases of the last two books.  In fact, with the last book, we had to purchase two copies of it because neither my mom or I were willing to wait for one another to finish the book.  We had to read it at the same time. (I finished that last book in about… 8 hrs and did not sleep)

Of course, here in PR we had to wait a full week after it had been released in the US for the movie to come out for us.  I continuously griped about this on twitter.  But, like a good lil girl, I waited my week and then went to see it with my mom and gay hubby.  We were quite excited to see it.  Sure, after the last movie, I had my misgivings.  I will tell it to you like it is: I did not like the last HP movie.  I felt they focused too much on wangsty Harry and forgot to develop everyone else when they could have.  But… I take every movie as it comes and I try not to let my extensive knowledge of the books get in the way of my enjoying the movie. 

Now, no worries, I will give you no spoilers (although, if you’ve read the books, there are no spoilers to be had, really) but I will tell you the general plot.  This sixth installment of Harry Potter begins right before his coming Hogwarts year.  He’s 16 now and emotions are raging all around.  Is he or isn’t he the Chose One?  All around him, London is being attacked… not just the wizarding community but the muggle (non-magic) one as well.  People are afraid but trying to band together.  All the while Harry suspects Malfoy has now taken his father’s place as a Death-Eater and he seeks to prove whatever sinister plot may be brewing at Hogwarts.  Meanwhile, Dumbledore is trying to get Harry to help him obtain more information about Tom Riddle (ie: Voldemort)’s past in order to better understand the evil he has become and finally find the thing that will destroy him. 

Now, all that being said… I will have to indicate that the movie felt anti-climactic to me.  They left it sort of looming for what is yet to come.  The seventh book is to be divided into two movies.  The pace over all of this movie, in my opinion, left much to be desired.  The visuals were lovely as ever.  The actors have really grown into their roles and many have just plain grown when you compare them to movies past.  I think the one thing I did like about this movie was that it had some particularly funny and witty moments and that it really gave you a better sense of some of the relationships had between the characters.  There is romantic tension being flung all over the place as these young people truly try to mature and find their place with one another and in life. 

Final Review: I think for those who have not read the books, its a fine representation.  For those of us who have gobbled up every page might have wished they’d done a few things differently.  In the end, I think it is a must see.  You might come out of it feeling as if it was slightly lacking (like myself and my two companions) but you won’t want to miss it for all the world!


2 Responses to “Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote. When I got home I ran the movie through my head and with the “Yay! Just saw the latest HP movie!” rush I can say I was slightly disappointed. However, it’s nowhere near being a total trainwreck. Here’s hoping for a good ending to the series.

  2. scizor1 Says:

    I meant to write “without the rush”. lol

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