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A girl embarking on something new August 18, 2009

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With life never quite working out as one would hope or plan, we often find that we must strive to find a new direction in which to move forth.  That often seems to be the case with me.  At least, that is the way it has felt for the past year and a half.  I have to revise and re-revise that which I considered to be my life plan for the oncoming months. 

So, with the job termination nearly one month ago, I have found it to be a blessing in disguise.  With so much free time I’ve managed to relaunch my Mary Kay business in a serious way, as I’ve decided that I like the idea of being self-employed far more than I like the idea of being considered un-employed.  That has been accomplished to mild success as I have hopes to supplant my past income through my selling of Mary Kay.  In just 3 short weeks I’m about halfway there and that is with my still not getting out much from home. 

However, as of tomorrow, that is going to change. 

Tomorrow I start a 12month journey into a technical course for pastry chef.  My mother works for Ponce Paramedical College in Ponce and because of that I will have the institutional scholarship for my studies.  With such a steal, how could I say no?  REALLY!  At first I was just going to take the normal chef’s course but it turns out they were just itching to get started on opening the pastry chef course.  When the director of the chef program heard that I was going to be studying with them, he got moving to get a reknowned pastry chef and open that course for me to take.  

Okay, so it wasn’t done exclusively for me, but as I’ll be part of the first group to get that pastry chef tech certificate, I can pretend like its the truth! :p

I’ve already got my class schedule for this term which begins tomorrow and ends October 13th.  I’ll be taking such classes like History of breakmaking and Culinary Math, amongst about 2-3 others.  I’m really excited to see what they are all about!  I’ll try my best to chronicle my progression through everything and hopefully build up a portfolio with all the yummy things I’ll be making.  The people over at the associate’s degree nursing department have already called dibs on all my work and homework.  So its nice to know I have such willing tasters, although they are already fans of my cooking and baking. 

In other news… well, I actually don’t have any other news.  So I guess that is it for now!  

Stay tuned!   


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