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A girl giving mobile wordpress a try November 2, 2009

Filed under: Life Events — bombshellwithin @ 8:06 AM

This is going to make me seem far more techy than I really am but I am currently having breakfast and setting up the mobile wordpress application for my blackberry. The jury is still out on whether or not I am impressed by this. But it will come in handy to be able to blog during the day while I am still at school and therefore still in signal range.
There is so much I want to say and share. However, everyone is just going to have to be patient with me while I figure this thing out. I am sure that there are ways to attach pictures and write in hyperlinks. There has to be a way to make my posts seem so much more impressive than boring ramblings on my life. So I will play with it a little more everyday and hope that either I master it or my internet gets to working at my house.

Tomorrow will be far more interesting, I promise!


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