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A girl toting a tool box November 3, 2009

Filed under: baking,Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 11:19 AM

So this is me and that is my tool box. I kid you not, I got the thing over at Home Depot. Notice that it is far more stylish than regular tool boxes. When I went to get it, my mother and I scoured the entire store for the nicest one. Sure, we came across those bulky ugly black and grey boxes. Even if those had been the last ones in existence, I would not have taken them. Its bad enough that I have to wear nondescript black shoes, grey work pants and a plain white chefcoat (I will spare you the rant on the ugly hat they make me wear, the fact I can’t wear makeup or that I can only wear my hair up in a bun). I drew the line at having to carry an ugly bag.

So, why a toolbox? Because I have to carry a lot of them. I need to have everything from kitchen towels to knives to spatulas and scrapers. While the kitchen lab area has some of these things, they aren’t set aside especially for pastry and sweets. To avoid cross contamination, I then carry all I need with me. I am still missing things, but if anyone is interested in knowing all the tools and utensils a professional baker is meant to have, just ask me and I will be all to happy to list it all out.

Now I am sure, a few people are troubled about whether they should start dividing up their things to keep certain things separate from that which is used for meats and vegetables. I would say that its a good idea. Label everything and keep them apart. Kept together the way I have them, its useful anytime I need to make something at home. I know that all I have to do is reach into bag of tricks and have what I need. No going through shelves and worrying about misplaced items. And anything that saves time when baking is a very good thing, if you ask me.


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