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the surprise of a lifetime November 6, 2009

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Be warned! The picture that goes with this blog post is a bit… Much. Its just cake but you have been warned!

There are friends in your life that you love and would do anything for. You would cross islands and stay awake for hours. Friends who would help you move bodies without questions, offer to be hitmen and be unable to post bail for you because they are sitting right next to you in the cell going “we fucked but not we had fun!”

I have 3 friends who are that to me and I know would have my back, no questions asked. Two of them no longer live on island with me. The one that I have left just had a birthday on the 2nd.

We plotted and planned and managed to pull off yet another surprise party. One he swore I would not be able to make it to because of where I am. However, I made it and, while I had no choice on the cake, I helped decorate it.

I think it speaks for itself.


One Response to “the surprise of a lifetime”

  1. CorLeonis15 Says:

    ROFL, the tuft of chocolate sprinkles was a nice touch (in a kind of disturbing way).

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