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a girl in a pensive mood November 7, 2009

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It is the beginning of the weekend and I managed to wake up without a hangover (the key is staying hydrate. Drink 1 cup water for every 2 drinks you have). I wasn’t the first one up but I was one of the first few. Today, for some reason I am feeling as if my mind were everywhere but here. It seems to be a thousand miles away, wishing I were with othe people I love and adore. I feel like my life has taken on that kind of holding pattern sensation.

I am also very behind on my writing. I did not write a thing for 2 days and today seems to be flowing past me with the same sort of disinterest to sit down and write. By tomorrow, I am supposed to be at about a quarter of the way. I should be over 13,000 just to feel that I will make it to the full 50,000 by the 30th. But the way I am feeling, is like this fine spider silk thread is what is keeping my mind from just floating away.

Just seems like the party is over.


One Response to “a girl in a pensive mood”

  1. CorLeonis15 Says:

    I love the picture! It goes really well with the post. The party was a great success ^_^

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