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A girl with hair on the brain November 8, 2009

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Since yesterday when I finished ironing out my hair, I have been contemplating my hair.  

lovely soft

You can’t tell, but my hair is actually mid-back when its all straight and sleek.  Its the longest it has been for many years.  I would say that its the longest it has been since I graduated high school.

Yesterday I was at the hair salon waiting for a friend to get his haircut.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t cut mine but I was very tempted. VERY tempted)  So tempted in fact, that had I cut my hair, I would have cut it up to my chin.  

That would have been major!

I think more than one person would have stopped talking to me had I gone through with it.

I do need to get my hair trimmed, though.  But until such time that I can guarantee that I can see a stylist and NOT tell him to chop it off, chop it all off, I will have to live with the split-ends I’ve been spotting for a little while longer.  It will be safer, I believe.  

What does everyone think?  

Should I cut it off a la Sinead O’Conner?

Should I get a cute pixie or a sweet bob?

Or should I just give it the usual trim and shaping?

The leafy bombshell wants to know. 

And yes, the leafy bombshell is aware that she has dark roots.

But I’ve decided to let my hair grow out to its natural brunette shade for a while.


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