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A lovely purse as a gift November 12, 2009

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S- 03, white chrysanthemum with purple and beaded border

It goes without saying that I believe this is my best purse creation yet!

I actually embroidered the design of the actual purse and had sewn it into the right shape some 2 months ago.  But I was missing putting it on the frame.  I knew when I made it that it was going to be for my aunt.  She picked the flower design herself.  However, as I lost my job, I knew that my gift giving would be limited as I’d eventually become strapped for cash.  So this year I know a lot of people will be getting handmade things from stuff I have on hand.  Its a good thing that I’m so handy!    

Tomorrow is my grandmother’s birthday.  I’m going to try and put together a coin purse for her.  They are small and very cute.  Not sure what design to put on it.  The purse my grandmother currently has that I made was the first of my creations.  She is so very proud of it and shows it off every chance she gets.  


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