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A girl leaving a big IOU November 13, 2009

Filed under: Random musings — bombshellwithin @ 9:08 PM

It was my grandmother’s birthday today.  I made a very delicious sugar-free carrot cake with cream cheese frosting(which wasn’t sugar-free).  We went out to dinner and I had a very delicious t-bone steak with mofongo and tostones and beans.  I also had a cosmopolitan.  

While I know pictures were taken of the events before mentioned (ok, actually, I don’t think there are any pictures of my food) the camera is currently locked next door at my grandmother’s house.  I’m currently home alone with no keys to the house next door.  So while I would love to share some pictures, it seems it will have to wait until I can get the camera.  But I didn’t want the night to go by and then my not be able to do my daily blog.  That would be terrible.  

Blogging about nothing is still better than not blogging, right?


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