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A bombshell rant on fashion November 15, 2009

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This is me: 

in reposeI’m not a size 2 and I’m not 5′ nothing.  

I’m actually a size 20 and am 5’8″.

While they say the average size for women nowadays is 14-16, it seems someone out there is not getting the memo!

Either that or today while I was out at the mall, all the other plus-sized ladies hit the racks long before me.  

Forgive me if I’m skeptical to it being the latter.

I was browsing through the racks in Sears and I saw some very lovely dresses for the holidays.  Could you believe it?  Not one went over the size of 18 and the ones that were for “Women” and not a petite were horrendous.  I mean, so ugly that not even my mother would wear them (my mother is actually quite stylish, tyvm)… heck, not even my grandmother (bless her heart, she’s not very stylish) would wear it!  It was a rampaging plethora of polyester fabric, gaudy rhinestones and bubbled- spangled- ruffled technicolor concoctions that offended the eye.  The few dresses that seemed passably pretty were ONLY available in sizes 2-8.  

Now, before I get links and before I get people telling me that there are pretty plus sized clothing out there… save it.  I’m well aware of the wonderful sites there are.  I often visit them and browse the lovely things they have to offer.  But my gripe is this… why do sites, like Old Navy for example, who have wonderful online selections for plus-sizes keep them as ONLINE ONLY?! 

Not a smooth move to alienate people who would otherwise spend some $$ on a wardrobe.

Especially in this economy.

Sure, I understand that it’s not healthy for people to be obese.  I’m not trying to validate being heavy and overweight.  I’m definitely not all up in people’s face about this issue.  My only real concern is finding pretty things to wear.  Why do I have to hide behind a keyboard to order the things I want and need?  Why must I get looks from sales people of “We don’t offer things for your kind here.”  That seems so… sizist.  You’re not going to get people to slim down just to wear certain clothing. 

We should ALL shop for the bodies we have now.  We need to accept and love who we are.  You can have health problems at any size.  You can be out of shape and cellulite ridden even as a size 0.  

And as an overall champion for taste and fashion, why in the devil can’t clothing be made in GOOD fabric?  I mean, honestly.  No one wants to look cheap and, let’s face it, those poly blends definitely do that.  Is it wrong to have a dress that has shape?! Is it a crime to have something that breathes?  Is it so bad not to cut corners and actually make something that looks like it cost more than $5 to make?  Oh wait.. they sell it at $5, so you KNOW it probably only cost under a $1 to make.  

Or maybe Oscar Wilde was right… “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that it must be changed every 6 months.”

Well, these 6 months better hurry up and get over with!

I want all this ugliness to pass.


One Response to “A bombshell rant on fashion”

  1. CorLeonis15 Says:

    Loved the ending! Especially the Oscar Wilde quote.

    It’s sometimes stressful for me when I participate in modeling gigs to see so many size 0 emaciated girls. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are amazing models, but when the camera’s not clicking or when they’re not strutting down the catwalk, their face and their posture is appalling. Thank Jesus that the size 0 trend is reversing, now healthier girls are getting more attention in the fashion industry than ever before.

    However, I have no complaints with the male models, they’re eye candy for the soul 😀

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