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bombshell favorites: Joe Boxer November 16, 2009

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There are many things in life that I love. This weekend while shopping I was reminded of just one of those things.

I love Joe Boxer.

That smiley faced brand always makes me laugh. The colors are fun, the products are well made and even though I am a girly girl, I am not ashamed to say that I have some of the boxers from this brand (I sew up the sort of crotch flap so I can wear them like shorts around the house).

But the best part is that Joe Boxer does not just make boxers! They have an entire ladies line of undergarments as well as shirts, lounge pants and pjs. And to just add icing to the cake of my love fest, they go well up into the plus sizes!

(tmi warning! I am goint to talk about undies for the next paragraph. If you do not wish to read about it, feel free to skip it.)

Personally, I just adore bikini undies and these fit like a dream. The ride just low on the hip not to be visible but high enough so that they cover everything. And let me tell you that the cotton thongs are just the best too! They cover perfectly up front and are truly comfortable to wear. The prints are playful and the colors bright. More than one of them have cheeky smileys in all the right places. The bras are an even wider array of colors and patterns that can still be mixed and matched with the color schemes of the undies.

To some, this might not be very sexy. There isn’t this usual satin and lace (although there are silk undies and there are lace details on some bras) one would normally associate with some sort of sex appeal. I think these are just everyday clothing that just brighten ones day and makes one feel good in their own skin. So that makes me love them all the more!

The below is a sample shot of some of the holiday lounge pants I saw from the brand. There were many hilarious sayings and I am lobbying for this year’s pj, which my family always chooses to match one another, be of this collection. They had them in regular boxers and the pants and all made me smile ever so wide when I saw them. <div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width: 650px"love them!

love them!


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