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8 tiny reindeer November 23, 2009

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While we were at the mall on Saturday, we ventured through a craft section and perusef the aisles in the hopes of engineering some Christmas ornaments for the tree my mother will put in her office. When I saw the old fashioned clothespins I automatically thought of the reindeers I made when a little girl studying at Our Lady of Fatima.

It was probably in third or second grade. Although I sort of remember the project being a whole lot easier. My mother and I spent nearly 2 hours making 30 reindeer. Some had red noses, some didn’t. All were so very adorable. We still loved them even after nearly gluing our fingers to every surface that we touched.

Aren’t they just the cutest? All you need is the following per reindeer:
– 3 old fashioned clothespins
– pom pom for nose and tail
– plastic eyes
– craft glue
– pipe cleaners
– paper clips (these you snip into 3 purse and use as a hook in between the legs to hold the pipe cleaner loop)


One Response to “8 tiny reindeer”

  1. Luskca Says:

    i soooooo need to do these with thomas. thanks dah-ling for the wonderful ideas.

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