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the importance of having a good stylist November 25, 2009

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More important than seeking a relationship for romance, the relationship between a girl and her hair stylist is paramount. You may not see one another as regularly as you should buy every visit counts. The results will stay with you until you return or cheat and go see something else.

When in Mayaguez, I had one stylist I would go to faithfully for every cut and color. I also had one in yauco. Now that I am just in one place, staying in touch with my stylist Freddy is important to me. While I was working I would go to him every 6 weeks without fail. I have been very bad in seeing him since.

However, in that time he moved to another salon. Its his own, in fact. But before he left he made sure I knew of his intentions of changing locations. You are, in my case, Freddy not only area to my hair but also the hair of all the women in my family. My grandmother, aunt and mother all adore him, would not trust another man with their hair. So when one of us got the call that he had moved and started seeing clients again, my mother and I went hunting for the location of his new place. It took some footwork as few, if any, streets have names in town. But we found it and hugged him all up on sight!

My mother and I are in desperate need of a cut so we lined ourselves up for appointments this Friday. Once we were written in, I called my grandmother to tell her of Freddy’s new place. She immediately had me line up her appointment before ours. And because I knew I could not have called my grandmother and not my aunt, I checked to see if she was interested in having her appointment at around the same time as ours.

My aunt knew she needs a trim but was not sure. However, it will be a morning together with the girls and she wanted in. All of us are now aflutter with our respective dates with Freddy. I will be getting my hair darkened to my natural color and a trim. I am in the need of feeling pretty.

Every woman needs a talented Freddy in her life. I hope you have one but if you don’t, do not despair. Here are some things to keep in mind:
– if you see someone with a great cut, ask for a recommendation. Women feel flattered and will want to share their hair god.
– if you find someone great, follow them, have their number and learn that sometimes you need to book ahead.
– check out local salons and ask if you can see someone in action.
– when seeing someone new, ask for something simple and pay attention to how well they listen.
– talk to your stylist and find out their style history. Do they have experience and passion?
– do not be afraid to tell them if you do not like something. They should be glad to fix it. It is on your head.

In the end, do not neglect your hair. Ask for product reccomendations and how best to care for your hair between visits. You should get your hair trimmed and such every 6 to 8 weeks. Its not law but you will see the difference!

And when you feel that there is nothing you can do with your hair, it is time to go get your hair done!


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