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A bombshell tree emerges November 29, 2009

Filed under: Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 3:35 PM
Blue tree

4ft Xmas tree

With Thanksgiving over and done with, we moved on to the next holiday.  As next week would be nearly a full week into December, this bombshell felt the need to put up her tree.  Next week the windows will be decorated with the leftover ribbon and balls.  You see, we forgot our tree was so itty bitty and bought way too much ribbon.

Its different and I love it!

That was my intention.

I might actually be feeling a bit of the holiday spirit.

Either that or I’m procrastinating.  I’m at 44,600 words and I’m dreadfully stuck.  


One Response to “A bombshell tree emerges”

  1. CorLeonis15 Says:

    Aww. It’s very cute! I like blue on x-mas trees.

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