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thoughts on November November 30, 2009

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Today is the last day in November. I am amazed that a month has flown by. When this month began I was facing two challenges which I voluntarily signed myself up for. I wondered just how I was going to manage posting on my blog every day while still cranking out a respectable word count. A large part of me wondered if I was going to finish what I started. Now that the month is over, I find I am nostalgic.

So join me as I think year two events over. (I promise to keep my rambling brief)

National Blog Posting Month:
When I decided to take part in this event, I had not posted on my blog for over 2 months. I saw it as a challenge to get me posting again. At the time I had no clue what I would write about. I think I spent my first week saying just that. But by the second week I felt I really got my stride. Mobile wordpress rocks and blogging by email saved my life.

Ok. So maybe not my life but made my blogging life so much easier!

I will say that there were about two days I had to freeze the timestamp to ensure I had it posted before midnight. Overall, blogging everyday was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I might just try to continue the habit.

(famous last words, I know but its been an interesting read… Right?)

National Novel Writing Month:
Can you believe it that last night I stopped 111 words shy of reaching 50,000 words? That is exactly what I did.

Want to know why?

Because I realized that I would reach the infamous 50 grand mark and NOT be done with my novel!

That is right, all this work and I overshot my mark. So I decided to stop and pull together not only an end to the current scene but an end to my story. It will take about 2,000 more words to accomplish it.

Now, I know that there is no sane reason why I should do this. But I, unlike my other NaNoWriMo friends, actually wrote in a sequential order and not just scenes and words. So I want to be the one that finished a cohesive first draft of a novel. Can you blame me?

(can you also say certifiably insane?)

Stay tuned to my tweets! I promise to keep everyone up to speed on every word as I race to finish the novel and get it all updated to the website.


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