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a little bit different December 3, 2009

Filed under: food,Random musings — bombshellwithin @ 1:43 PM

I always do things a little bit differently than most. I suppose that is all part of the bombshell attitude. But one thing my Bombshell Manual of style has all wrong is that bombshells are not meant to cook.

I guess that just shows how multifaceted I am. Because I love to cook and bake. And I am more Martha Stewart blended with McGuyver in my approach. With a little I can do a lot. There are so many tweets of me saying I don’t know what to cook or am feeling lazy and the I go pull out pizza or pot pie made from scratch.

I enjoy being a little bit different. Everyone is a unique little snowflake. We have to fly our freak flags proudly. Our lives are not black and white. Its a technicolor rainbow. I try to have that reflected on my blog.

After all, my blog isn’t filled with recipes, how-to’s or diary entries. I call it the eclectic mix that is my life and my loves. There are plenty of people I adore who are far from me and need to see the many things I do and there are people who do not know me and visit because they can.

And I mentioned this before but my tests are like few other people. Yesterday I took a final and know what it was?

Making crepes.

So here will be unlike any other, a terrible shot of my final from my blackberry.


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