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‘Tis the season for gingerbread December 11, 2009

Filed under: baking,Gingerbread — bombshellwithin @ 11:07 PM

The gingerbread village has started a domino effect. The cookie season has really kicked off. For those who know me, official cookie baking isn’t done until Dec. 23rd. However, as I have just spent a week making a house and a village, I am meant to recreate one at home.

As my mother is away for the weekend for a nursing activity, its just my lil bro and me at home. I thought it would be a wonderful project for us to work on together.

I baked the amount that I posted in yesterday’s recipe. I will say that if anyone is going to use it, to add extra bread flour to compensate the fact that its not being made by weight. The consistency should be like play-doh, not sticky in the slightest. Also, I would recommend baking the gingerbread at 350F and not 375F.

I made the houses bigger and made enough parts for 3 houses in the hopes of making 2 so that at least 1 comes out awesome. With royal icing I glued it all together. Tonight they will dry and tomorrow my bro and I will get to decorating. He’s very excited. I can’t wait!

Maybe I should have cleaned the countertop


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