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A girl and her voice December 20, 2009

Filed under: Random musings — bombshellwithin @ 6:56 PM

No, I am not hearing voices.

at least none that I’m willing to admit on here 😀

But it does sound like I’ve lost my voice.

So, I’m not congested,

I don’t have a runny nose,

I do not have a cough.

And yet I sound like a hoarse froggy version of myself.

Although according to my sister in law, I sound like I’m whispering… the sort of whispered voice one uses to murmur sweet nothings in someone’s ear.  So she says that few people will believe I’m sick if they heard me.

So I will continue saving my voice and eating soft foods… with the hope that I will be all better sooner rather than later.

PS! Aside from the blog where you can follow the life of my cute as a button nephew, my sister in law has begun a blog of her very own.  So show her some love and support by heading over that way to see the little vignettes on her life and thoughts!


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