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Switching gears December 23, 2009

Filed under: baking,Random musings,Update — bombshellwithin @ 12:25 AM

I spent the morning embroidering, the afternoon shopping and the evening cleaning.


Tomorrow is the 23rd and its the day traditionally reserved for cookie baking.  I’m trying to clear my schedule of gift-making to make cookies.  Actually, I’m making 4 dozen vanilla cupcakes as well as french bread besides the 4 different types of cookies I’m making this year.

Which cookies did I decide were worth the effort to be on my list?

Chocolate chip; Linzer; Gingerbread; and Sugar cookies.

I’m hoping that by keeping it simple that it won’t be quite so exhausting but I know I’ll become the cookie nazi before the second batch gets baked.  I’ll be sure to let y’all know how it turns out.


4 Responses to “Switching gears”

  1. zarishi Says:

    I want sugar cookies!!! Jajaja hope everything works out perfectly. Love you ❤


  2. CorLeonis15 Says:

    The cookies were delish!! I’m gonna scarf down my batch by tommorow ^o^

  3. scizor1 Says:

    It was a success! Ivy kept her cool for the most part. No one got banished! 😀

  4. zarishi Says:

    Did Gerry and company made it? He was calling me lost and I was doing my best to try and describe the path to your house jajaja It was something hilarious, I wish I could have been there. Love you.

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