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Those who have dyed salute you! April 3, 2010

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Easter is absolutely my favorite holiday.

Wait, its my second favorite.

St. Patty’s is the first because its an entire holiday dedicated to the color green.

And y’all remember that green is my favorite color, right?


I REALLY love Easter. Its a holiday dedicated to Spring and flowers and bunnies and baskets full of CHOCOLATE! Seriously, I think even the most curmudgeonly would still have smiles coming to their faces at the very thought of this holiday.




OK.  I’ll stop now.

The point of this post is that tomorrow I will have loads of things to share.  I’m saving the sugar cookies that were made in honor of Easter for tomorrow.  But tonight I will be sharing you a wonderful shot of the eggs that were dyed this very evening.  I have the splotchy mud colored fingers to prove it, too!

You see, in the bombshell household its annual tradition to boil up 2 dozen eggs and color them up.  Everyone takes part and we have a grand time of it.

Even the eggs had a blast.

Egg Party



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