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Yay! April 3, 2010

Filed under: Random musings,Update — bombshellwithin @ 3:53 PM

I’m all too happy to report that the WONDERFUL people here at wordpress help were able to fix up my blog layout.

Here’s my shout-out to Leon!

Marry me?

I kid! I kid!

What was the problem?

-the post titled “All That’s Missing Is The Groom” had a corrupted “<div>” HTML tag in it.  This threw off the rest of the HTML and caused the misalignment problem with the posts.  Once the tag was fixed, everything returned to normal.

And back to normal it is! Yay!

So now with this clean new layout, I’ll be able to post to my heart’s content.  Tomorrow I will have loads to show you.  I’m baking up a chocolate cake and some easter cookies that will be iced to perfection.  Not to mention there will be dyed eggs!

I LOVE Easter!


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