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Happy Easter 2010! April 4, 2010

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Today was filled with so much promise.  It really was.  I’d been plotting what I was going to make for Easter for weeks. T responded to my roll-out sugar cookie dough inquiry  with incredible promptness over Twitter, with a recommendation for the no fail sugar cookie recipe.  And boy was she right.  They had wonderful flavor, the dough held together and was able to withstand the various cutters that I used to create my Easter inspired theme.

And boy did I fill up the counter with cookies!

A cookie array
Some are missing; they went elsewhere.

Because, like with everything made here, we always send some over to grandma’s.

Cookies sent to grandma's
A sampler plate

This activity was a lot of fun.  The entire family joined in and decorated to their heart’s content.   At first they were rather reluctant but once they got the hang of the piping bags full of various colored royal icing, they really enjoyed the activity.  I was a little bit more purposeful with the icing of the flowers.

But silly me thought that a couple dozen eggs and several dozen more sugar cookies would be enough.

My mother was kind enough to dissuade me of this notion.


Because she wanted cake.  A cake, she said, covered in buttercream and covered beyond recognition with sprinkles.  Lucky for me that we had gotten the springtime sprinkle container just for this occasion!

Pulling together a cake would be easy for me, right?

Ha! Ha, I say!

Everything was going along great yesterday.  I made the chocolate cake, wrapped up the layers and set it aside so that I could make the buttercream today and layer it all together.  This week I hit up my cake bible and made a beautiful buttercream in class.  I’d never made such gorgeous and delicious stuff.

I thought I could recreate it in my own home.

Famous last words, you know. What a foolhardy idea!

This morning, despite having stayed up until 5am trying to upload an Easter greeting video to my brother and his little family who were just reunited this week in S. Korea (and failing miserably, might I add) AND waking up with a migraine from hell (of which I only managed to sleep about 4 hours with an ice pack strapped to my head), I decided to make some buttercream.

You know where this is leading, don’t you?

I don’t need to tell you how this ended, do I?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words, they say.

So let me show you instead.

A fucking mess
Need I say more?

Fucking mess II
Wait, this makes it worth 2,000 words

Posing for the camera
The bombshell laughed so not to cry

With this experience happening within an hour of waking up, this determined bombshell cleaned it up (really well, mind you because NO ONE likes that eggy after-smell) and began again.

I’d like to tell you that the buttercream was perfect.

I’d like to tell you that I had no issues.

But the bombshell made the most of it and pulled together that damn fucking Easter cake in time to chill for the rest of the afternoon and pretend like none of this happened.

Ugh! Finally!
Think it has enough sprinkles? Just in case I put on some of the flowers I made with royal icing to make it seem extra Eastery.

The family ate it up and most were none the wiser of all the drama involved in making it.  I got to nap and take copious caplets of tylenol to see if I could be human for the rest of the evening.


And the Easter Bunny was kind to me. 😀 As it always is, god love it.

I got a set of 4- 4oz custard cups,

a set of 4- 10oz custard cups,

& a 10in springform pan!

The Easter Bunny also decided to lessen the candy output and I got a little sack of flour and sugar.  I guess the Easter Bunny was trying to tell me that I needed to make my own Easter treat.  So once I’ve recovered from today, I’ll need to figure out something to make with these new things!




2 Responses to “Happy Easter 2010!”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    My inner OCD sufferer cringed at the sight of those two pictures. But the cake looks gorge! And it all looks delish. Well you know what they say, once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger.

  2. scizor Says:

    I should have been there! I would’ve licked everything clean. 😀

    That cake looks super cute!

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