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Ticking off the hours April 5, 2010

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The hours are winding down for this pastry course I’m taking.


You see, what I have left of actual classes is really just a month more.  The rest is completing hours through practical application and apprenticeship somewhere.  I’ve already selected the place and need to fill out all the paperwork to spend my summer doing that latter part.

In the meantime, I’ve begun to chip away at hours.  Doing what?

This. That. The other thing.

Sometimes they make us bake.

Sometimes they let us do whatever we like.

Now, I got the Wilton Master Tip Set and everyone on Twitter has heard me say how I was itching to use it and see what every tip did.

Doesn’t everyone do that with a new toy?

So, guess what we did today?

White on white practice

The bombshell made a mess

Oh, and I used loads of piping tips too.

Discarded attempts

I wanted to see what each one looked like

Tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks we will be hitting theoretical hours.

With it I hope to drag out all the past projects I’ve done.


One Response to “Ticking off the hours”

  1. scizor Says:

    Yo quieroooooooooooooooooooo! 😀

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