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An array of cake April 6, 2010

Filed under: Final product,food,Random musings — bombshellwithin @ 9:15 PM

Just thought that you would all enjoy these shots of plated cakes.

Lots of cake on display

pound cakes, mousse cakes and chocolate & vanilla cakes

Chocolate yumminess

We estimated that each dessert plate would cost $12+ on a menu

Big ol' hunk of cake

When we estimated the price, those sampling stated they would never order such expensive desserts

A dainty little slice

I would like to point out that the cakes were polished in record time, regardless of their un-willing attitude to order off a fancy menu.

You may now wipe the drool off your chins and resume with what you were doing.


2 Responses to “An array of cake”

  1. scizor Says:

    I gained 5 pounds just looking at the pictures. They look delicious. @_@

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