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Partners in pastry April 8, 2010

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Yesterday I mentioned how there were only 5 of us left in my pastry course and I realized I hadn’t really given anything about them yet!

With such a small group, we’ve become fast friends since August.  Well… most of us.  There’s one who hasn’t integrated himself with our close camaraderie but he just doesn’t seem to fit in.  We’re lively and love to mess with one another; its all done in good fun.  And when it comes time to get things done, we get serious and get to baking.  While not everything comes out perfect, we learn from our mistakes and really strive to do our best.  The other guy….

Let’s just say I would never eat anything he makes.

So that leaves the rest of us to pick up the slack.

And we resent having to compensate for his mistakes.

But we did try to help him as best we could, he’s just beyond help.


That just leaves the rest of us to be really close.

For the past 3 days we had to kill 15hours of class credit in an Administrative class.  That meant that we got instructions for this huge assignment on Tuesday and it was due Thursday.  It consisted of putting together a portfolio of everything required to build a business.  This included, but not limited to, creating proposals, budgets, contracts and schedules, not to mention filling out all the licenses and permits required for such an endeavor.  We even filled out fake loan applications.

It was a lot of work.  Thank goodness we banded together, divided up the portions and photocopied the heck out of the documents.  Yesterday we skipped school and hit up someone’s house to focus in a comfortable environment to get these things together.

Yoli & Jannise

Ninja pic taking!


He never knew I took this!

I’m happy to report that we finished the project this morning with great results.

I’m secretly hopeful that the Bombshell Bakehouse, located on 123 Hotness St. Suite B in Gorgeousville will receive the loan approval for $325,000 for one tricked out and SEXY bakery. 😀


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