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Pretty cow April 9, 2010

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Of the things I showed yesterday, I realized that while I included a picture of myself, I did not include a picture of the prettiest thing I own.

Staring me down

Don't ask me how she knew she was excluded, but she did.

Glaring at me

And she was not happy.

A Dearest One recently took it upon himself to read my blog start to finish. Heaven help him! I bet he’s sorry now. 😉 But when he points out things or makes remarks on them, its been wonderful to travel down memory lane.  It makes me wonder how other bloggers feel about the evolution of their writing spaces.

Is it what they thought it was going to be?

Have they deviated from their original vision?

Is it fulfilling all their hopes and dreams?

Or have they been consistent with their blogs since the very beginning?

As for myself, I would like to think that I’ve been somewhat consistent.  At first I might have tried to be more food oriented but soon found that my life was too eclectic and I had no interest in dividing up my life and stories on various blogs.  I like keeping it together in this long, weird stream of consciousness on the main page.

But I also came to realize that I’m not the only bombshell on this blog.

I share the spotlight.

statuesque kitty

And that's just fine with me.


One Response to “Pretty cow”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    LOL @ angry cow.

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