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Coin-purse for M April 10, 2010

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Back in February I was commissioned to make a little coin-purse for the mother of a Dear Someone.  Her birthday was on Valentine’s Day and he informed me of it the weekend of so I was unable to complete it in time to mail it.  It went out in the next package sent in that direction, however.

Because I find it best to work with natural light and not when I’m tired, I would bring my ribbons and needles with me to school.  Then, when I should have been taking notes, I would slowly stitch my way to completing it.

Work comparison

I would effectively distract everyone, professor included, with my work. They were fascinated to see me embroidering.

I think the finished design was my prettiest work and by far the prettiest coin-purse I have yet to craft.  My mother said that the design was a little large.  I thought it was rather perfect.  I think the shape of the purse is a tad uneven but that is what happens when something is made entirely by hand.  Its all hand-stitched, you see.


Its been reported that its been in constant use since gifted and that its been much admired.


One Response to “Coin-purse for M”

  1. Mick Says:

    Wow this purse takes me back it’s so beautiful! I can understand it’d be a conversation piece. I was raised in the 50s and 60s when you’d see things like this more often. So I really appreciate getting to see something like this again on-line.

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