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Where my mother wants to retire April 17, 2010

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This bombshell’s momma was in the metropolitan area yesterday for some sort of conference or other.  I don’t believe she actually ever told me what it was about, so don’t think that I’m not an attentive bombshell.

As we live on the south-southwest portion of the island, trips to San Juan and surrounding cities is a rarity.  But when there, it can be really nice.  You can almost see why its the tourist trap that it is. 😉  Every time my mother does visit, however, she usually emphatically states that when she retires, she wants to have a nice little condo apartment in El Condado.

This time she even picked out which building she wants to live in.

Random building in el Condado

"That one in the middle, that's the one!" She told me with a grin.

“And when I live there, no one else can live there with me.”

“Not even my beautiful grandchildren.”

“Though everyone can come to visit me, as long as they stay somewhere else.”

“The only thing I want to do is have a small fluffy white dog…

and spend the day walking on the beach with him…

and brushing out his cute fur.”

A random patch of beach

"I'd walk him along a beach like this one." She pointed out to me.

ME: But you don’t really like dogs.  Never have.

“I’ll love this one because it will be super cute” She told me.

“People will stop me on the street to exclaim how cute he is.”

“El Condado is so ritzy that they have complementary poop stations which would provide me everything for when I take my little doggie out for a walk.”

“The dog must also be small enough to fit inside my purse.

That way I can go to starbucks with him.”

ME: That’s nice mom.

“Now, post this up on that blog of yours…

so your bro knows which building the apartment y’all need to buy me is.”

ME: Yes, Mom… I’ll do just that. 😀


One Response to “Where my mother wants to retire”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    I LOVE Condado. Your mom has good taste. Every time I go to SJ I pester my uncle to let me stay in his apartment a while, or better yet, borrow it if he’s abroad. I wish I had an apartment there.

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