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Wondering what to bake April 18, 2010

Filed under: baking,Personal Interest — bombshellwithin @ 1:42 PM

This past Christmas, besides getting some awesome baking materials, I also got these little beauties.

Cuteness in the baking

I squealed over the sheer cuteness of them.

But now I have a conundrum!

What do I bake in them?

No regular cupcake feels like they would do!

I actually used a couple of the flower baking cups for some carrot cupcakes my grandma wanted me to make for her to give to her sister.

But what about the ones on the right?

What yumminess shall be baked in them?

I don’t want to bake anything that might discolor them too much that the design can’t be seen.  So that sort of rules out both chocolate and red velvet cupcakes.

However, I am open to suggestions.

State your idea/ link/ recipe/ what have you below!

The bombshell is too busy plotting parfaits to decide on her own.




5 Responses to “Wondering what to bake”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    Lemon poppyseed muffins!! 😀

    But make sure you don’t eat them before a drug screening or you’ll test positive for opioids (confirmed by Mythbusters).

  2. Dear Someone Says:

    I vote for the butter cake myself. 😀

  3. zarishi Says:

    Blueberry or lemon cranberry or raspberry… umm

  4. aixaster Says:

    Keylime pie cupackes? Cheesecake cupcakes? I would eat either. 😀

  5. scizor Says:

    Pineapple cupcakes!

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