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The best laid plans… April 20, 2010

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OK. So we’re not talking about mice and men but boy are they right when they say that they often go awry!

Let me tell you about my day…

I took a test and finished in 5min and I aced it.

That was to be expected.

It all went downhill from there.

You see, even though I selected some VERY simple recipes that would include readily available ingredients, can you believe that LEMONS of all things were the single ingredient really missing.  The pecans were also missing but as they were only an extra element and mostly garnish, I decided to just not trouble myself or go nuts.

They sent a wave of things from the requisition form and I had to wait for TWO hours for my lemons.  And if that weren’t bad enough, I then had to wait an additional hour before I could use the oven.  One of my classmates who got all her ingredients from the department coordinator was making creme brulee and she hogged up the oven at 225F and I needed it at 350F.

Did I mention class is supposed to be over by 1pm?

And my creamy lemon squares did not make it into the oven until a quarter after noon?

Well, I mentioned it now.

Aside from this whole mess, we were sharing the lab with a dozen or so chef students who were icing cupcakes.  Considering that was ALL they were doing, they sure made a mess.  Then one of them did something so unprofessional that they were lucky I wasn’t holding a rolling pin or else they would have gotten smacked with it.

Sounds extreme, I know.

But there, I was… waiting for my lemons, all the ingredients measured out and waiting, the raspberry/fruit- honey base for my mousse chilling, and I was helping the chef students with their royal icing.. basically, I was minding my own business when my classmate tells me she thought she saw a girl dip a spoon into my condensed milk and eat what she took.  I was aghast and thought she might be mistaken.

When the girl shows up again near my ingredients…

And dipping a FORK into my condensed milk, with the clear intention of eating it.

I just snapped.  She seemed surprised.

But did that twatwaffle girl apologize?


She just gave me attitude as to what I was making and why everything was set out like that.

I’m telling you, VERY lucky I wasn’t holding a rolling pin.  She seemed to be under the impression that I was some newbie student messing around.  I actually had to go chill over by the storage closet for a while to get my temper under control as I still couldn’t get my recipe done because this was during my wait for the darn lemons for the zest.  The middle would not have been the same without it or else I would have proceeded without it at that point.

*takes a deep breath and continues*

So, while my creamy lemon squares were in the oven, I fixed the plate the glass would be set on.

The setting for yumminess

A half moon of the flavor base of the mousse, with a border of toasted oatmeal crumb and fan of lime.

I was very happy with my plate but as it was close to 1pm and I was not going to be there longer than was necessary, I hurried in assembling the parfait.  The crumb squares really should rest to room temp, be cut and then chilled.  However, I skipped the room temp part, cut it and crossed my fingers that the fridge would cool it up.  It sort of did but the warmth of the crumb did make my mousse a bit more puddle-like than I would have preferred.

Finally, done!

Still, it tasted so darn good!

My troubles melted away at the look on professor’s face after his first bite.

No one else got such a reaction when he tried their desserts.

It can only be described as one of absolute delight.  He said the lemon came through so beautifully, it was the main element but the rich but mild sweetness of honey in the fluffy mousse with the hint of berry was just the perfect blend.  Overall, he declared that my parfait was very sophisticated and delicious.

I can easily say that I aced this final. 😀

To see the recipes & my recommendations on them, click here.


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