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Bombshell Review: Legend of Zelda April 21, 2010

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Lil bro's game I stole

Spirit Tracks!

This game I started playing a few months back when the electricity went out one evening and all that had charge was the battery in my Nintendo DS.  As I was tired of all the games I own, I checked the title’s of my lil bro’s games and came across this one.  Turns out I would be pleasantly surprised by its playability!

The basic premise is some demon dude spirit thing is going to be resurrected by the baddies and Princess Zelda’s body has been stolen.  To get it back, you’re enlisted as a recently graduated train engineer to help her reassemble the spirit tracks, therefore fortifying the spirit tower to all the realms in the kingdom.  Therefore you chug your little train through all sorts of stops, cities, stations, sanctuaries, and help out the locals, get pieces of the map and generally beat stuff up with an assortment of weapons you gain along your journey.  Oh, and you get to play some little tunes into a spirit pipe while you jam to it.

Most importantly there are BUNNIES to be rescued!

Overall, I think its a very cute game.  Its not the usual puzzle sort of game that I play.  So its not particularly taxing aside from remembering where different things you’ve passed by are.  Luckily the maps let you write all over them!  My one complaint is that the train moves so slow that you’re stuck chugging along it for far longer than I think is necessary.  When you’re going from place to place with distinct purpose, its not all bad.  But when you want to retrace your steps to taxi people or cargo, or look over for bunnies you should have captured, then its a helluva long ride.

I should have gotten this game beat long ago but this isn’t the sort of game I usually play and the basics of beating stuff up isn’t my forte.  Still, I’m going to keep of riding along to see how this game ends.  At the very least it will keep you entertained for a while.  More if you like bunnies!


4 Responses to “Bombshell Review: Legend of Zelda”

  1. AXOLOTL15 Says:

    The Legend of Zelda series is my Jesus, and I particularly loved Spirit Tracks. Very climactic ending. A couple of the spirit flute segments throughout the game really ticked me off because they were way too complicated and unforgiving (you’ll see later), but overall it’s another gem in an epic and lovable series.

  2. scizor Says:

    I can remember Benji cursing at the later stages because of the flute. Have fun!

  3. zarishi Says:

    Word of advise when playing the flute, wait until the camera is on you to start playing (not when the little diamonds things flash and turn on)… I wish someone would have told em this before figuring it out at the final boss. Other than that, its a fun game I enjoyed while it lasted ❤

  4. Thanks for all the words of advice, guys. But I already knew about the flute trick. I’m the one who passed them for my lil bro and he in turn beats the snot out of the bigger monsters for me. :p

    I’m just gifted at blowing, what can I say? 😀 The spirit flute, that is. *giggle*

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