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Beauty rituals when feeling down April 24, 2010

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I posted this today in a beauty & feminity forum:

I’ve been having a difficult time lately, and the more the strain and anxiety seems to last, the more meticulous I feel I am with my beauty care ritual. It’s not really retail therapy but I find myself purchasing little things like nail polish, deep hair conditioners, razors, et al to pamper myself with.

Usually I’m rather relaxed and don’t have a fixed regimen. But now I’m finding comfort in the rituals and making myself feel and look better on the outside to soothe the turmoil from within. Yet, all I usually hear about when people get down is that they forget all about themselves and just let themselves go.

So, I was wondering, does anyone else go through this? What spectrum do you go through? The worse you feel the more you try to look spectacular? Or do you feel that you fall somewhere in the middle?

And so, I think I will open up the blog entry to the similar question.

When facing a difficult time…

Do you let yourself go or polish yourself to perfection?


One Response to “Beauty rituals when feeling down”

  1. zarishi Says:

    I guess in my case I polish myself, as the song goes “the show must go on” and “Smile though your heart is aching”, these are some of the things I tell myself when my world is tumbling down. And when everything else is falling down and I feel I cant control it I know there are some things I can control like how I act and how I look, so why not look at my best?

    I guess everyone has different ways of dealing with stuff some eat more others eat less, some sleep and others go for a run, I watch a movie, eat ice cream and then do some exercise and keep a keen eye in how I look and act 🙂

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