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Newest nail polish purchase April 25, 2010

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After I went to the post office on Friday, about 2 storefronts down, there is a Sally’s Beauty Supply and they had the sale going of buy 2 get 1 free on all nail polishes.  I’m very picky about my colors and I love vibrant lovely shades that strike me in an instant.

I also went in looking for this color:

green cuteness

This color is one of THE Top 10 colors for Spring

I have not tried the color because I was more interested in seeing how this shade would look on my toes:

pretty hotness

It seems like a gorgeous cranberry in the sunlight. Otherwise, its a very nice shade of burgundy.

Then I got this one and  I knew it would be the perfect shade for my fingers:

Almost nude

Its a pink so pale that it gives a kiss of sheer color and a wonderful gloss for a barely there manicure.

I really love nail polish.  The colors just seem to perk up my mood beautifully.  Although Love Letters is almost too pale to be worth it, I think it would be the wonderful base for some colorful french manicure or any design you could draw onto your nails.  That is, if you are into that sort of thing.


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