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Mother’s Day pillowcase May 11, 2010

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I should have started working on my Mother’s Day present a week before.  But I didn’t have a clear idea on what to get my mother until I hit up K-mart on the day before.

My mother has been having a lot of leg pain and I decided to give her this amazingly fluffy king-size pillow.  As it seemed like a very boring thing to just cover it in an off-white pillowcase, I had to take it one step further.  So I stayed  up until 5:30am to embroider a pretty design on it.  I didn’t start until midnight because my mother decided to have it be the one night she stays awake later than usual.

Embroidery project

The three flowers symbolize my brothers and me with our birthstones; older brother is yellow in November, younger brother is ruby in July and mine is blue in March.

It would not have taken me so long if I hadn’t decided to make the stitches with triple thread and that each floss be different colors.  The design should have been done with variegated thread but I didn’t have it for all the colors required.  Therefore I did it by playing out the combination of threads, sometimes doing it with 3 different tones of the same color or doing it with 2-1 of those I’d selected.  It gave it a wonderful effect in the end and my mother loved it.  She was not expecting such a lovely handmade object as she had not seen me work on it.


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