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Relevo por la Vida/ Relay for Life cupcakes May 11, 2010

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The school was sponsoring the Cancer Awareness event, Relay for Life on May 1-2 and, as part of the pastry program, my group was in charge of making some 700 cupcakes for it.

Or… we were supposed to.

When we arrived the Tuesday before the event to begin our baking, there was a group of chef students pulling out baking ingredients.  Now, for the past year I have suffered through tasting some very bad cupcakes from them.  For some reason they seem adamant in using a recipe for the densest cupcakes I have ever seen!  So, knowing this, I simply refused to bake with them.

But I was not going to be outdone.  We’d been plotting on the cupcakes we were going to make for this event.  No one had stepped forward with a better recipe so I whipped out my blackberry and I stalked C over at I ❤ Cuppycakes and found this recipe.  I knew it was perfect because, due to their inability to plan for storage, timing and transport, we were not going to be able to frost the cupcakes.

I know, I about had heart palpitations over this fact.

So, we made a huge vat of the batter and began tinting it to make it colorful and fun.  It fit in perfectly with the birthday theme that Relay for Life had this year.  When we did this, the others followed suit.  I could still pick out their cupcakes from their horrible recipe immediately… even when the cupcakes got all mixed up after having baked up over 400 on the first day.

Lil bro & the bombshell

We had a blast for the opening parade.

I wish I could tell you that the event was amazing.

It showed great promise.  You see, the point of the event is that for about 24hrs teams make their way around a track.  The school gave away hour long shifts in accordance to programs and my mom and I walked the full hour for her program and the full hour for my own at midnight.  We had sleeping bags and the school walked continuously, even when the power went out at 1:30am.

The whole place kept the party going in the dark and no one stopped walking.  When the sun came up at 6am, the organizers decided to cancel the event….

The power came back at 7am.

I thought it was shameful to have canceled it.

I guess it was the thought that counts?


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