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Lil bro’s graduation cake May 22, 2010

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Would believe me if I told you that my inspiration for my little brother’s cake was actually a pair of his boxers?

I wish I were joking.

But I knew that the basic design of the cake would be easy.  I wanted it to be covered in fondant and a cap with tassel on it.  That would be the easy part.

I also wanted to put something on it that my brother loves.

And as he’s 13 and thinks he’s cool, he loves skulls.  When I went through his things to see a pattern I thought I could copy, my attention was caught by the fun bright multicolored skulls of a pair of boxers.

These boxers, to be exact.

And no,

my little brother does NOT appreciate me taking pics of his boxers.

At least he’s not in them.

So, to complete the confection of this chocolate cake layered with strawberries and vanilla buttercream, I plastered rolled marshmallow fondant all over it and then created a stamp out of a potato.

Yes, a potato.

I carved it out, many times over, to ensure it looked just right.  Then I rubbed gel coloring and stamped to my heart’s content.

I think I did a decent job of it.

But the humidity made the fondant a bit moist and the stamps smeared a little.  We thought it added to the overall effect with the running skulls.  My lil bro was very impressed and loved the cake.

It was very delicious. My tastiest cake yet, if I say so myself.


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