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Lil bro’s graduation May 22, 2010

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My little brother graduated from 8th grade yesterday.  So far this will be the first graduation event he has bothered to attend and it’s the only one that matters, really.  But he had no choice in the matter.  He had to get all dressed up in his cap and gown.. and withstand the hundreds of pictures my mother is known to take.

This is what he gets for going to a catholic school
He’s so cute.

What I complained about was how early we had to be there.  We were at the church since 7:30 am.  The graduates didn’t do their procession until a quarter to 9am.

Which meant…

I spent well over an hour staring at these.

But finally the procession got going and I got a glimpse of our little graduate munchkin amongst his peers.

He was, comparatively, of the average height of 8th grade munchkins.

Two hours later (and a hundred text messages between my mother and I to keep each other awake), we had ourselves a graduate.

It’s blurry but it’s the only pic we have together, so I’m keeping it!

After all this, we went out to Longhorns and ate A LOT of delicious food.  There were chili cheese fries and a shrimp, lobster and artichoke dip thing…

And a thing called a Strawberry goldrush made with pineapple infused vodka that made this bombshell so very happy that she drank two!

We also saw Shrek Forever After in 3D that gave me a nasty headache and would much prefered to have seen it in regular D thankyouverymuch.

And to top of a very nice long day with the family…

There was cake!

The end.


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