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A rainbow of color June 27, 2010

Filed under: Beauty,silliness — bombshellwithin @ 3:28 PM

About a week ago, I could not decide what color to paint my nails.  I have too many colors and I just could not decide.  So a friend told me to line up all my nail polishes and take a picture.  He could help me decide what color to go with.

I think this is 24, but I missed a little bottle in my round-up

He ended up picking the sparkly purple on, third from the right.

Since then, I got 2 new colors.. a pretty dark navy color and a shimmery sort of pink.  It was after another friend saw this color was that it was noticed how many shades of pink I have.  Turns out, half of my nail-polishes are pink!

Guess this means I need to take another shot.

And set them so that every other color is pink.

We shall see. 😉


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