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Cupcake socks June 27, 2010

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On Wednesday, May 26th, I finally finished the class portion of my pastry certification.  Since then, I have been doing unpaid apprenticeship hours at a local cakery.  For those of you who have been following my tweets, you will notice in an increase of my mentioning separating eggs and frosting cakes so much I’ve developed a callus on my right index finger.

But, what I wanted to show you all was how… despite my feeling that that month wasted on that final class was all for nothing, I was able to redeem it all with one good deed.

You see, I spend a lot of time on an irc chat server for an adult shared interests community site.  And on there, there is another lovely lady who has just begun her studies in Restaurant management.  With similar fields of study, we talk constantly about our daily things.  Who else could be excited for you when you say that you were able to slice something so beautifully that your instructor cried?  (OK, that isn’t what we talk about.. but you get my point!)  So when she was having difficulty constructing an HACCP  flow chart on how to properly handle every ingredient in a chicken salad, in my brain.. I could already visualize what it was that she needed.

The thing was, she had spent her whole afternoon perfecting it but could not figure out how to place the final 3 bubbles on the chart as she had to get 10 bubbles to join into one and then flow down into the other two stages.  At the time she told me of her problem, I was chatting through my blackberry and she could not forward me the PowerPoint presentation for me to see what she was having issues with.  But I promised her I’d help her when I got home.  Good on my word, I saw the slide and knew how to fix it.


Because I had just spend the entire month learning how to design arrows, autoshapes and how to color it all together and separately for the past month!  As much as I laughed about how it was pre-school but on Microsoft Office, I knew that if I was able to successfully arrange the flowchart to her liking, than that month of my life was redeemed.

Half an hour later (it only took that long because I’m a perfectionist and I had to be sure every arrow was evenly spaced), the flow chart was complete and my friend was sobbing in relief.

Name what you want!  Anything!”

“No, no.  I was glad to help.”  I told her.

“No!  I need to give you a gift!  Create an altar in your honor!”

“But really!  I just wanted to help.”  I assured her.

“You like socks! Give me your address. I’m sending you socks.”

How could *I* of all people, say no to socks?!

Well, I didn’t say no and about a week later, I had my socks on my feet with a heartfelt thank you.

Socksy yumminess

Ahhh the greatness of helping fellow cooks and bakers.


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