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The munchkin’s prom weekend.. Day 3 June 27, 2010

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After a day of rain, the final day saw us having breakfast and taking some sun.  My mother said she did not want to go back to work looking paler than she was originally.  I, however, had enough sun and wanted to enjoy the air conditioning while we still had it.  Then after checking out, we still lounged at the pool and hotel until we grew bored.  I had already finished the 10th Sookie Stackhouse book and had moved on to the third Percy Jackson book.

See, the munchkin got plenty of sun.

Since we had spent the past few days being tourists at the hotel, we kept the streak going and visited the Rincon Lighthouse.

So we did what any good tourist does and posed in front of it!

Then we continued the random photo shoot with lots of thoughtful and lovely shots of each of us in turn…

But… dern, don’t we all have great skin? lol



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