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The munckin’s prom weekend.. day 1 June 27, 2010

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So, I’m about a month behind on all this… but I posted about my lil bro’s graduation here.   Well, because my lil bro goes to the local Catholic private school, and apparently that makes everyone there snobby, for a graduation prom event weekend, we went to Rincon to stay at a lovely beach-side hotel.

The lounging munchkin

He got a neat gift bag waiting in the hotel room... and he wanted to use up the free wireless more than do anything else when we arrived.

Modeling mom

Mom was very happy to find the balcony for our hotel room and often enjoyed the pleasant breezes coming in off the ocean.

We did eventually venture out into the sunlight after we changed into our bathing suits and wanted to explore our surroundings.

battling the stormy beach breeze

There was a weather front passing through for the weekend so we knew we had to take advantage of every moment of sunshine.

And since we arrived nice and early for check-in and the dinner and dance event wasn’t until later at night, we got some time to soak in the water and soak in the sun.

cheesecake pose

Yes, that cute little two piece is my bathing suit.. and that was me dipping my toes to see if the water was too cold. It wasn't, so I kept going on in.

We’ll fast forward this though to about…. 3 hours later and a solid hour of primping.

The goodlooking trio

We make this look good.

While everyone arrived and people were settling in for the prom.. the room was distinctly divided by the girls in their colorful short dresses and the boys in their button shirts and ties, my mom and I snuck out to the pool bar for some liquid patience.

Getting our hooch on

I had a Green Flash, which was the name of the pool bar. It's a vodka drink with blue curacao, peach schnapps and sour apple.

getting our hooch on pt. 2

Mom had a classic margarita... which seems to be her drink of choice whenever we go out.

Once we got back inside.. the event began in earnest.

We had to endure while the parents patted themselves on all their hard work to make the graduation and prom a success, and then there was a little award ceremony where they gave this little trophy to every grad.  With the trophy, they sort of gave each of them a title as to what made them distinctive.  This was easily done given there were only about 40 grads in this 8th grade class but when they started with titles, my mom and I looked at one another with dread and alarm.

What could they POSSIBLY have to say about our lil goblin?

He wasn’t a joiner.

He only got into the school 2 years ago.

We wondered if they even know who he was.

Mom and I started tossing out ideas what title he would end up with…

“Most likely to forget to arrive for his own death”

“Invisible child”

“Honorable mention”

“Most likely to be the next unibomber” (this was my mom’s suggestion, btw)

After a lot of laughing, we decided that with our luck, he was going to be the one child that didn’t get a little trophy.  So we waited anxiously to see if they would call him up and silently dreaded the possibility that he wouldn’t be called at all.

The picture of relief

We were wrong... he was titled the "artistic" grad

My mom and I looked at one another stunned.  Where could they have possibly have gotten that title for him?

True, he was the only one with a hat that night… making him look very eclectic.

But I decided that when they sat down to make the titles, it went something like this:

“Jeremy E.”

“Who is that?”

“He’s in the graduating class?”

“Yeah!  You know him!”

“The chubby one with glasses?”

“Yeah!  You know!  The one who draws in all the science week thingies.”

“Oh!  He’s the one that does the posters and stuff for competitions?”

“Artistic one he is!”

After eating and having to endure watching the milling 8th graders not dare to dance, I decided that 10:30pm was my cut-off time to go back to the hotel room.  There was free internet and my computer needed updating.  But as the camera was then passed on to my lil brother for the night, I got a good idea on what I missed out for the next 2-3 hours.

There were still the boys on one side

And the girls on another side...

Eventually they did join together to dance and limbo

I was told that our little goblin did dance.

If shuffling one inch to either side is dancing, my mom said.

And all the girls kept stealing his hat to wear it.

I’m the only one that makes it look good, he told me.

But in the end, he had a blast.

So I guess that is all that matters.

Even though I got frantic txts from my mom about how I ditched her.

{To read about the next day, click here}


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