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Father’s Day cupcakes July 6, 2010

Filed under: Random musings — bombshellwithin @ 8:25 AM

After the lemon debacle (albeit a tasty debacle) for my grandfather’s birthday, I decided I wanted to just make something simple and sweet for father’s day.

More icing than cupcakes

You can't get simpler than vanilla cupcakes with a marshmallowy italian meringue topping

If it looks like there is more meringue on top than there is cupcake…

There likely is.

My family really likes their toppings on cake.

The not so pretty ones

These are the not-so-pretty swirled plate. This one stayed at home.

But wait…

Impending temptation

Look! This cupcake did not fit on the plates.


A big bite of cupcake

You were a worthy tribute to the bombshell baking goddess.


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