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Lil bro’s 14th Birthday July 7, 2010

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The resident goblin’s birthday is on July 2nd but because I worked, my mother had graduation at her school and the grandparent’s had a doctor’s appointment in Ponce… we postponed the celebration until Sunday.  It is something that happens often, just like my older brother has unofficially decided that the fourth Thursday in November is his birthday, the lil bro’s birthday is unofficially celebrated on the 4th.

And with the 4th of July comes…

Lots of stuff on the grill

Grilling up the yumminess!

I even made up a jug of sangria.

Double jars

I made a solid dent in the jar all on my own.

As he got a bike as well as a brand new bed for his birthday, the gifts that were left to unwrap were few.  However, he really got a kick out of some of them.

Polite smile

There was a game of trivia pursuit.

hiding goofily

A t-shirt for the ramen shop in the anime series Naruto that he loves to watch.

Eating the zombie

He also got a plushie doll of a zombie that could be dismembered.

icky blood drink

And the weirdest yet was the 4 pack of caffeinated blood potion. He really got a kick out of this one.

The three latter gifts were all found at Think Geek where my sis in law spent a few hours trying to browse the gifts we thought a 14 year old boy would like.  Considering his ecstatic reaction, we were spot on!


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