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The birthday cake July 8, 2010

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Barbed wire

I wanted to be original with the cake and knew floral borders would not do.

The family got a kick out of it having barbed wire piped on like that.

Dented cake

A nice thick layer of filling always makes me happy.

The cake was an all-occasion downy yellow cake with a banana cream mousse center and a whipped cream icing.  I totally cheated with the whipped cream topping and got one of those quarts that you can buy at the baking supply shop.  Easier to beat and much more stable given this intolerable heat.

I had some issues making the filling originally.  I tried to make it with heavy cream and it just remained too watery.  I had a runny blob of banana mixed with powdered sugar, cream cheese and a drop of pineapple syrup.  (But stuffed into the freezer, it’s a wonderful summertime treat.  Kind of like a banana sorbet.)  I then tried taking some and making it into a mousse with beaten egg whites but it was still too soft for a filling.  (It was like a light cloud which went well over fruit, however.)

In the end, I took some of the whipped topping mixture and blended it with the mousse to make it more solid.  This is what I used in the yummy creamy center giving the cake a delightfully seductive hint of banana.

slab of heaven

It was a 9"X3" cake and we easily ate over half of it in one sitting.


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