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A girl being silly with scizor July 12, 2010

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There are some evenings when you find yourself chatting with friends and you find that life does not provide with enough interesting conversation… that you go off on some very random tangents.

How so?

wtf?! banana vending machine?!

It all started with this... a picture of a banana vending machine.

And I kid you not, this led to us plotting where the best vending machines would go in the Colegio.

For at least an hour of our lives.

There were the obvious choices:

The umbrellas, which should be in every building, in my opinion.

For when your shoe gets washed away on the calvario.

For when there are job fairs... or just one in the ADMI building.

Not as obvious but still as necessary... the undies vending machine.

Which led to this moment of conversation:

“Cute panties!  Where did you get them?”

Thanx! I got them at the vending machine!”

The one in Chardon?”

No! The one on the 3rd floor of the student center!”

“Oh! I really need to stop by there then.”

I swear, we were totally sober while we were doing this.

At least I was, I can’t vouch for scizor.

And then there were the not so usual ideas for vending machines:

Para las bichas de ADMI, of course.

The anger management vending machine; for when you need to de-stress after a really vicious final.

We could not figure out how the figurines dropped down without breaking already.

Or maybe that is the point? To watch it drop and smash inside the machine?

And last but not least…

The egg vending machine! Which would be in pineiro, of course... and maybe one in Terrace.

You gotta love the silly entertainment friends can provide.

And how a single shot can provide hours of searching to top it.

Added note: If you wish to see other things that make us giggle in our days, visit my SIL’s blog where she has recently been posting daily things that have brought tears of laughter to our eyes; or as she calls it, her OMG WTFun Series!


4 Responses to “A girl being silly with scizor”

  1. scizor1 Says:

    Teh silliez. We haz them! 😀

    P.S.: I was sober, just under some allergy medication. I think. :p

    • AXOLOTL15 Says:

      Oooh I saw an electronics vending machine in an airport in Texas once. It had iPods, DSlites, cameras, you name it. That would go to the ICOM nerds. And a lab coat/thermometer vending machine in Quimica is a must.

      Oh, and if they put a weed vending machine in Chardon they would make TONS of money.

  2. luskca Says:

    We,ll maybe if the vending machine was en la plazita the chardon it would be better, most people are too baked to come inside, let alone make it to make it to class. By the way Ivy i have to take pictures of vending machines here just for you 😀

  3. @scizor I just thought it was truly blogworthy. lol

    @AXOLOTL15 The electronics one would definitely be for the ICOM ones.. and I was keeping it clean. While I saw many pot vending machines, I chose not to mention them.

    @luskca you do! why haven’t you taken pics? They would make interesting entries on your own blog.

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