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A girl spending a summer cracking eggs July 13, 2010

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I’m exhausted today.

I’m surprised how physically taxing working at a cakery is.

The thing that really drives me nuts is that I wish I could tell you all more about it.

I would share pictures if I could.

I mean, where else would I be churning out several dozen cakes a day… not to mention the whole fun inner workings of a cake shop.

But I can’t. 😦

Seriously, I can’t tell you anything.

My school made me sign a confidentiality agreement.

And a lot of the stories I would tell would ultimately have to explain a lot more than I should.

I will report that the cakery has begun to offer me extra paid hours aside from the 20hrs I do a week for my apprenticeship.  However, add it all together and I’m working an hour more a day than anyone else but half the pay.

Still, I will not complain too loudly.

I’m getting paid weekly.


I’m baking delicious things!


I’m learning and refining so many techniques.


Yet, I’m so worn out that at the end of the day, I find I have nothing to say.  Lately I have been sitting down over the weekend or any free day and scheduling out my posts.  It messes with the formatting I’ve laid out but it does let me get out a blog entry daily so that I can share with everyone.  I then just need to remember to tweet about it so that everyone knows.

So, what is everyone else doing this summer?


One Response to “A girl spending a summer cracking eggs”

  1. staats Says:

    Think of the experience you are getting. And it is good for you to be exhausted, that means you have done a good days work.

    You asked: I am working with International students to practice their English. They are from Saudi Arabia and China and they need someone who can speak english to practice. I can speak english pretty well so I have been working with them; talking with them and learning a bit about their chountries and their families. It is interesting since often there are words that need explanation.

    Keep writing as you can, I enjoy it very much.

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