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A girl prompted into sharing her scariest moment July 15, 2010

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In order to blog more and really think outside the box, I have signed up for plinky.com. So far the prompts have seemed interesting but I had not felt inclined to use them. However, I want to keep my blogging fresh and share all sorts of stories.

This first answer to the prompt is meant to share my scariest moment but it must be done in third person. I can hope that by so doing this challenge, by distancing myself from having lived it… perhaps it will lose some of it's power over being such a frightening memory.

Night Street Light

There was one summer many years ago, when a girl was about 13 or 14, and to protect a younger sibling, her mother relocated for a few weeks to an aunt's home in the next town. You see, the father of her half-brother was a psychotic stalker and though he had left their family many years before, he decided to give a last stitch effort to come back and see his son. As the person who told the family of the unwanted visitor did not know specifically when the fiend would attempt to visit their home, mother and child would whisk themselves away for nearly a month. To have company throughout this time, the older two children would alternate staying with them away and bringing anything they may require from home.

It was at a time when the girl was home alone, spending days at her own home and nights at her grandparent's when the visit finally came. She was locked away when the fiend decided to make his call and her grandparents and aunt went out to meet him. He arrived demanding to see his ex and his son and no amount of informing him that neither were there would persuade him to take his leave. Instead he was outraged that they would make such outrageous claims. He knew for a fact that his ex was there because he had seen her these many days, in particular just earlier that day getting groceries from the back of the car. Still, the family was adamant and finally after half an hour of arguing, the fiend took his leave.

The girl had waited indoors, far from any windows but anxious to hear what the man had to say for himself. When it was related what he had said, that he believed her mother to be there because he had seen her around… the rest of the family thought he was as deranged as they had always believed him to be. It was only the girl who realized that the one he had seen… the one he had been watching… had been her.

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One Response to “A girl prompted into sharing her scariest moment”

  1. staats Says:

    That girl must have been terrified; a man who was deranged is very frightening; knowing that he had been watching her and thinking about what he would do to her if he ever found her.

    I am sure your imagination went wild with such scarry thoughts but you are safe now. No one can hurt you. Try to remember that.

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