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If you give a bombshell a recipe July 18, 2010

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If you give a bombshell a recipe…

She will learn to bake you some fresh soft cookies with it.

In so learning how to bake, she might decide to make a career out of it.

By finding a job (albeit part-time),

The bombshell will want a paycheck to go with it.

And with that paycheck, she will want to get herself…

Same pair but in pink

a pair of shoes.

On her way to paying for those shoes, the bombshell will suddenly decide…

super cute wallet

That she really NEEDS this wallet.

Happy with her purchases, the bombshell will walk over to Old Navy.

Where she will see that her favorite pair of jeans are on sale!

(Seriously, I have a pair and they fit like a dream!)

Once securing the right size jeans in her shopping bag,

the bombshell’s mom will show up with a dress.

After taking the dress into her bag too...

The bombshell will comb through sales racks.

And score one for 30% off!

Empowered by sales, she will find…

These two cute layering tops.

Finding her shopping bag quite full, the bombshell will go to check-out.

Only momentarily distracted by these cute green tank

Weighed down by bags, the bombshell will stop by Marianne,

and be reminded that she needs some…


While paying for the bras, the bombshell will find that the matching undies are thrown in free!

Concluding her shopping, the bombshell will remember that she’s hungry.


She’ll head to the food-court.

Getting herself a cookie-ccino.

As it always has a fresh soft cookie to go with it.


4 Responses to “If you give a bombshell a recipe”

  1. Joey Troche Says:

    LOL! Typical.

  2. luskca Says:

    Thomas got a total kick out of it, he asked where the mouse was when I read it to him.

  3. scizor1 Says:

    You gots new booty for your booty!

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