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The HughesNet bombshell customer July 29, 2010

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Since about February, the bombshell home has actually had faster internet.  I have no clue if I have mentioned this or not but… most of the people who read my blog probably already knew this fact.  Before this new addition of satellite internet, this girl had to deal with dialup.

Yes, dial-up.

Those of you with faster internet can mock and scoff.

No, really, go right ahead.

It’s what I’d do if I weren’t talking about me.

Of course, while this service is pretty dern awesome, there are some limitations.

  1. The reception can be affected when there is extreme cloud cover.
  2. We have to adhere to the Fair Use Policy instated by the company.

Now… usually this isn’t so bad.

Since there are 3 computers using the same internet, we can sometimes go over the usage and we get slowed down for 24 hours.  But then everything is up and kicking and we just learn not to overdo the faster speeds.  We also learn to do the bigger usage stuff for the hours of 2am-7am.  Every other weekend you will find me waiting up at such hours to video conference with my girlies.

The internet can also withstand most rain showers.  But we’re in hurricane season and it can rain for weeks without ever seeing sunshine.  When this happens, I think I have internet but it’s a limited sort.  I can often run irc and at least one of my messengers but not browse any websites.

This is what has happened for the past week.

So, I have things to blog about…. just couldn’t get on which made me pout and hold off on sharing things.  I do promise you that I will take full advantage of the rare afternoon of sunshine to get posting.  There are also exciting things happening tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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