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Amapola Self-Rishing Challenge participant July 30, 2010

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Mayaguez semi-finals

This is what the bombshell is up to today!

You see, Amapola, a local flour company is trying to promote recipes using their self-rising flour.  So they are holding semi-finals in San Juan, Ponce and Mayaguez.  The past 2 weeks have seen the first two locations pick their winners.  First place for either will be participating in the finals at Expo Pan 2010 in San Juan in late August.

At precisely 1pm EST today I will be in Mayaguez awaiting anxiously as the judges and guests are presented so that my cake will be judged!  For self preservation, I have chosen not to post any pictures of the process or of the cake I will be submitting.  However, win or lose, I will be detailing the processes and sharing pictures of the final product.

These are the criterias:

  • Preparation (each participant must explain process used) ……. 20 puntos
  • Flavor (aroma,balance of flavors, color) ………..………………….… 30 puntos
  • Texture (moisture and crumb, not too wet or dry) ………………… 40 puntos
  • Decoration (precise designs, balanced colors y finishes) ……….. 10 puntos

Will I win?

I’d like to say that I know I will but I do not know what I’m going up against.  I really don’t.  These can be home bakers or professional chefs entering.  I just know I’m presenting the cake I know is my best using self-rising flour and that I tried really hard in creating something beautiful and original for decorating the cake.

Stay tuned to my tweets throughout the day!


One Response to “Amapola Self-Rishing Challenge participant”

  1. Rafael A. Illan Says:

    My mom was as surprised as you when she won 1st place with her nutella cake.She acknowledges that the nutella cake needed more decoration but she ran out of time.

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